Friday, February 15, 2013

News and Notes for Friday February 15, 2013

Olive Extract Jeans Said to Moisturize Legs
Wrangler has generated buzz in Europe this month with women’s jeans deliberately infused with Olive Oil. The Denim Spa range includes jeans with an olive extract finish “for moisturization”. There’s also an aloe vera model “to soothe sensitive skin” and an “anti-cellulite” one called Smooth Legs. Read more from The Olive Oil Times.

P&G Connect+Develop Launches New Open Innovation Website
The Procter & Gamble Company just opened their front door even wider to open innovation collaboration. Aiming to speed and simplify external innovation connections, P&G’s Connect+Develop program today launched a new website (, linking innovators directly to top Company needs, and P&G business leaders directly to external innovation submissions.  Read the News Release.

Analysis: Biomass demand for biorefining to triple by 2030
Driven by aggressive biofuel mandates, rapid growth will cause great strain on biomass by 2030, according to Lux Research. Read more from Biomass magazine.

Obesity causes vitamin D deficiency, study shows
A study published in PLOS Medicine showed that obesity caused vitamin D deficiencies, while having a low vitamin D level only had a slight affect on obesity risk. Previous studies had linked the two conditions, but this was the first study to look at whether obesity influenced vitamin D levels or vice versa. Read more from CBS News.

Monsanto Herbicide-Tolerant Oilseed Rape (OSR-GT73)
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has released Scientific Opinion on application (EFSA-GMO-NL-2010-87) for the placing on the market of genetically modified herbicide tolerant oilseed rape GT73 for food containing or consisting of, and food produced from or containing ingredients produced from, oilseed rape GT73 (with the exception of refined oil and food additives) under Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 from Monsanto ". Read the paper (.pdf)

  • Formulations & Applications Scientist at Emery Oleochemical LLC Cincinnati, OH, USA - View the Job Posting.


AOCS Quality Reference Sample Sale • February 1-28
We’re cleaning out our freezer! All quality reference samples are available for $50.00 during the month of February. Stock up now before supplies are depleted! *this sale does not include Certified Reference Materials.
For information about available samples, visit the website now. To order, use the online order form or contact the AOCS Orders Department at or +1 217-693-4803.

Dow AgroSciences  - New Gold Corporate Member
AOCS is pleased to welcome Dow AgroSciences  as a Gold Corporate Member.
"Omega-9 Canola and Sunflower Oils, developed by Dow AgroSciences, are healthier oil solutions for the foodservice and food processing industries. These oils represent the next generation of cooking oils because they deliver healthier foods without compromising taste or performance.
Omega-9 Oils are made from Dow AgroSciences’ Nexera™ Canola and Sunflower seeds and have a unique combination of high oleic (omega-9) and low linolenic fatty acids. This profile gives the oils their light, clean taste and superior performance, making Omega-9 Oils an ideal solution for today’s food industry needs."
Find out more at

Hindustan Unilever Ltd -New Gold Corporate Member
AOCS is pleased to welcome Hindustan Unilever Ltd as a Gold Corporate Member.  Find out more at

Kao Corp-New Gold Corporate Member
AOCS is pleased to welcome Kao Corp as a Gold Corporate Member.
"Striving for the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people globally in four fields of business
The Kao Group develops its consumer products business for general consumers in three of its fields of business: Beauty Care, Human Health Care, and Fabric and Home Care. In our Chemical Business, we also develop a wide range of chemical products that meet the various needs of industry. The Kao Group believes that through these businesses we can contribute to the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people throughout the world."
Find out more at

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