Wednesday, September 5, 2012

News and Notes for Wednesday September 5, 2012

Starbucks' Food Waste Fuels Experimental Biorefinery
An experimental biorefinery turns spent coffee grounds and old pastries from Starbucks into a building block for plastic. Using food waste as fuel might improve the sustainability of biobased chemical production. Read more from KQED.

GrainCorp to Buy Gardner Smith, Integro Foods for A$472 Million
Gardner Smith and Integro, Australia and New Zealand's largest refiner and packager of edible fats and oils, will be combined under one entity called GrainCorp Oils. Read more at Bloomberg.

ADM to market Pioneer’s new soybean oil
DuPont Pioneer and Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), said Wednesday that ADM will contract for Pioneer’s Plenish high oleic soybeans in 2013 with the intention of marketing the high oleic soybean oil for use by the food industry in 2014. Pioneer has promoted Plenish as a zero trans fat soybean oil that will better withstand the heat of commercial fryers for longer periods. Read more.

Drought revives fuel-versus-food fight
Ranchers, governors want more corn for livestock, less for ethanol. This food versus fuel debate  raises questions about the economics and ethics of using diverting corn to the production of ethanol. Read more from MarketWatch.

Researchers explore a sustainable bio-based chemical economy 
With cyanobacteria, carbon dioxide and sunlight, a team of University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers aims to create a sustainable alternative source of commodity chemicals currently derived from an ever-decreasing supply of fossil fuels. Read more at:

First validated method for analyzing flavanols and procyanidins in cocoa product
Method could help scientists and the industry in standardized reporting. International laboratories collaborate to validate a method developed by Mars, Incorporated to quantify the much-studied cocoa flavanols. Read more.

  • CRN Expands Science/Regulatory Team; Seeks Vice President, Scientific and International Affairs" View the job posting.


Latin American Congress and Exhibition on Fats and Oils: Chile and a World of Oils
CORCHIGA and AOCS are proud to organize the XV Latin American Congress and Exhibition on Fats and Oils, 20-23 August 2013, Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center, Santiago, Chile.  View the website in English or Spanish.

Abstract Alerts

Effect of Temperature, Salts and Ureas on the Association Behavior of an Amphiphilic Phenothiazine Drug Promethazine Hydrochloride
Kabir-ud-Din, Malik Abdul Rub and Andleeb Z. Naqvi. Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, 2012, Volume 15, Number 5, Pages 541-550. Read the abstract.

Concentration of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) by Selective Alcoholysis Catalyzed by Lipases
L. Martín Valverde, P. A. González Moreno, A. Rodríguez Quevedo, E. Hita Peña, M. J. Jiménez Callejón, L. Esteban Cerdán, E. Molina Grima and A. Robles Medina. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society. Volume 89, Number 9 (2012), 1633-1645. Read the abstract.

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