Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I really want (need) to know -

What if you had a chance to tell me anything about AOCS. Whether it is good, bad, or really ugly.
The membership survey gives you that opportunity. To directly communicate with the Governing Board, the CEO, and me on your AOCS experience. We really want to know what you want, need, and expect from AOCS.

The survey is segmented into 5 focus areas:

A. Membership  - This is the area that I deal with every day. Do my assumptions match the general membership’s actions? This is the section where I find out why you joined AOCS, why you’ll renew your membership, and if you won’t renew, then why.

B. AOCS Programs and Services – This section will inform us of what you value within AOCS. What are you looking to AOCS for (for content, networking, services, etc.)?  And what are we not providing for our members.

C. Communications - We recognize that our members have more and more choices about what information they receive and pay attention to. This section will help us communicate more effectively with you.

D. Publications and Media Use – It is all about web presence these days. So what do you think of the AOCS website? Can you access information, or more importantly, can you find the information you need?

E. Profile: About you – The questions in the section are used to cross tabulate the results. Very important to complete the full survey so we will know how each membership group values AOCS.

The survey is confidential and data is aggregated by the time I receive a copy of the data. I cannot and will not know how you replied personally. So when you say that “AOCS is great, outstanding, a truly exceptional organization”, well, I can’t respond with a “thank you” since I won’t know who to direct the message to. Same goes if you comment that you never received a response to a message (phone, email, etc). I won’t know who to contact. In that case, contact me directly!

I encourage you to participate in the membership survey by September 21. It takes 12-15 minutes to complete. I want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. If not now, then you’ll have to wait until 2014. We only survey the full membership every 2 years.

PS note:  Already responded: “Thank you!”
Not a member: Please ignore the survey and consider joining AOCS.

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