Monday, September 10, 2012

News and Notes for Monday September 10, 2012

Dutch Vegetable-Oil Makers Claim Russia Is Breaching WTO Accords
Vegetable-oil makers in the Netherlands called on the country's government to object to alleged Russian breaches of World Trade Organization tariff agreements for importing edible oils and fats. Read more from Businessweek.

Regulation change could help turn bread into key source of vitamin D
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has amended food additive regulations to allow bakers to significantly increase levels of vitamin D in bread and make ‘High’, ‘Rich In’ or ‘Excellent Source Of’ claims if they use a vitamin D2 bakers’ yeast. Read more from Food Navigator.

ACI Launches Cleaning Product Ingredient Inventory

The American Cleaning Institute® (ACI) launched a detailed online inventory (900+ ingredients in laundry, dish care and surface cleaning products) of ingredients used in consumer cleaning products as part of ACI's Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative.  Read the news release on MarketWatch or visit the ACI website.

Indian Government Gets Into the Olive Oil Business
Indian government’s wholly-owned company Mother Dairy has chalked up plans to promote olive oil in India. Its flagship edible oil brand ‘Dhara’ will soon start to feature refined olive oils from Italy and Spain. Read more from the Olive Oil Times.

American Olive Oil Producers Are About To Muscle Europeans Out Of The Market
The growing olive oil market in the US is poised to be a "battleground" between the historic European producers and their new challengers from California, Chile and Australia, according to agricultural analysts at Rabobank.  Read more from Business Insider.

Bio-Based Chemicals Market to Grow to $12.2 billion by 2021
Steady sales for lactic acid and biopolymers over the next decade will act as stable drivers for the bio-based chemicals market through to 2021. This research expects the bio-based chemicals market to grow to $12.2 billion by 2021, accounting for 25.4 billion pounds of bio-based chemical production at the end of the decade. Read the news release at MarketWatch.

Abstract Alerts

Synthesis of new polyester polyols from epoxidized vegetable oils and biobased acids
Caillol Sylvain, Desroches Myriam, Boutevin Gilles, Loubat Cédric, Auvergne Rémi, Boutevin Bernard. European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology. 2012. DOI: 10.1002/ejlt.201200199. Read the abstract.

Eating patterns and food systems: critical knowledge requirements for policy design and implementation
Guyomard H, Darcy-Vrillon B, Esnouf C, Marin M, Russel M, Guillou M. Agriculture & Food Security 2012, 1:13 (3 September 2012). Read the abstract.

Ultrahigh Pressure Liquid Chromatographic Determination of Tocopherols in B100 Biodiesel
Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society. Volume 89, Number 9 (2012), 1577-1584. Read the abstract.

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