Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Networking through stamp collecting

I was first introduced to Prof. Marcel Lie Ken Jie at the 97th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo (May 2005) when he received the Supelco/Nicholas Pelick–AOCS Research Award. I coordinate the AOCS awards program. Which are now open – student awards, scientific awards, and service awards.

Anyway, since then Prof. Lie Ken Jie and I have kept in contact, mainly by email messages. When my daughter was in her stamp collecting years, Marcel mentioned that his children also collected stamps.  He suggested a few tips on how to present the stamps for her 4H project.  A different kind of networking to be sure, but I mention this to highlight how our AOCS connections solve problems – for work or for home.

I’ve always admired how he has the “right” words at the “right” time. So this year I asked him to speak about his AOCS experience – what AOCS has offered him over the years.  He mentions how communication has changed, how the world connections are still so important to a researcher, and how he has always felt welcomed at AOCS. More importantly, he talks about the friendship he has made through AOCS.

In my opinion (not biased at all!), this is the friendliest community you will find in your field, with the most long-term benefits for your career. From graduate school to retirement, this community will support you. I hope you’ll continue to support us and either join or renew your dues.

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