Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Your News and Notes for Wednesday April 25, 2012

New Study: Health Professionals Support Biotechnology's Use In Food Products
SYS-CON Media (News release) -- A 2012 study found that 77 percent of healthcare professionals recognize the health benefits of including soy in consumer diets, with menopause relief, protein source and heart health topping the list of specific benefits they identify. Read more.

Pricing gap for GM canola widens
ABC Online--Oilseeds Federation executive director Nick Goddard says customers in Asia are still demanding GM canola. Read more.

Army researcher develops new vaccine carrier composition of the clear, isotropic liquid is a mixture of oil, water, glycerol, surfactants span 80 and tween 60. Read more.

Market research: Natural Personal Care Markets in Western Europe and the United States Naturally Evolving, However Still Vibrant for natural personal care products remains strong within the well-established markets of Western Europe and North America, maintaining high growth rates. The most recent findings, from worldwide consulting and research firm Kline & Company, show that while the segment's 2011 growth waned slightly compared to the five-year compound annual growth rate of 13.9%, it still consistently outperformed the overall beauty market. Read more.

Kao Group strengthens base of operations in Europe; Expansion of Kao Germany GmbH Darmstadt facilities, a world-leading manufacturer of haircare, cosmetic and household products generating global sales of around EUR 11 billion, is extending its Darmstadt headquarters into the corporation's largest European site. This news was announced by Karin Overbeck, President Kao Germany, at a press conference with the Mayor of Darmstadt Jochen Partsch. Read more.

Automated Rheology at Procter & Gamble:  Making Complex Analyses Routine, Dawn, Downy, Gain, and Tide: These are some of the billion-dollar brands produced by Procter & Gamble in the field of household care. To keep these products in the list of the most popular detergent brands, Procter & Gamble employs teams of researchers at its Brussels Innovation Center (BIC) in Belgium. Read more.

FDA Announces Final Strategic Plan for the Foods and Veterinary Medicine Program
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the release of the final Strategic Plan for the Foods and Veterinary Medicine Program (FVM) for 2012-2016.  It outlines seven strategic program goals, each with key objectives and initiatives aimed at achieving goals and objectives. Notably,  under Program Goal 5 – Encourage food product reformulation and safe production of dietary supplements, is Objective 5.2 - Reduce industrially produced trans fat in the food supply. Key initiatives supporting this objective include:
5.2.1: Complete and publish updated trans fat intake assessment.
5.2.2: Implement options for further reduction of trans fat in the food supply.
5.2.3: Collaborate with CDC and USDA to monitor trans fat intake.
FDA does not elaborate further on these key initiatives found on page 24 of the final Strategic Plan (.pdf)

Fireside Chat with Entrepreneurs – The Challenges of Scaling a Global Biomaterials Supply Chain
[ Webinar May 3, 2012 -- 2 PM ET] The market and need for biobased materials for everything from chemical feedstock to full composite reinforcement material is growing every day! How is this supply chain defined? What are the forces governing it? And what are the challenges facing those technologies that need to scale using biobased materials? Find out more and register.

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