Wednesday, July 14, 2021

JSD special issue: A tribute to Dr. Milton J. Rosen an innovator and leader in surfactant science and technology

The latest edition of the Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, JSD, is dedicated to Professor Milton J. Rosen. 

As the editors of this special edition note, for those who work in the field of surfactant science, Milton Rosen is a legendary figure. Most have at least one copy of his iconic book “Surfactants and Interfacial Phenomena” on their desks. People new to the field are often told to study this book to become familiar with the fascinating world of surfactants and their use in virtually every application area of modern life.

The special edition includes a biography of Dr. Rosen’s life and many accomplishments, unpublished photographs taken over his career along with a series of papers written by author from around the world highlighting recent work in the fields he pioneered. 

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