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ANA 2a: Polar Lipids, including Phospholipids

Rm 100 8:00 Advances in Preparative Separation of Ganglio- sides from Porcine Samples via High-Speed Counter Current Chromatography (HSCCC). Nuanyi Liang*1 (Analytical Division Student Award Winner), Lucie Necasova2, Yuanyuan Zhao2, and Jonathan M. Curtis1, 1Dept. of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science, University of Alberta, Canada; 2University of Alberta, Canada

BIO 2: Biocatalysis II — Functional Foods and Natural and Derived Oleo-materials

Rm 101 8:00 Restructuring Lipids for Functionality and Health. Casimir C. Akoh*, University of Georgia, USA (Alton E. Bailey Award Winner)

8:25 Coffee meet and greet

11:05 PUFA Enriched PG Synthesized by PLD- Mediated Transphosphatidylation Exerts Anti- Inflammatory Effect upon LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 Cells. Liping Chen*1 (Biotechnology Division Student Award Winner), Masashi Hosokawa2, and Kazuo Miyashita2, 1Hokkaido University Faculty of Fisheries Sciences, Japan; 2Hokkaido University, Japan

EAT 2: Crystallization Behavior of Fats and Oils

Rm 222 9:40 Lipid Sonocrystallization: What have we learned? What is next? Silvana Martini*, Utah State University, USA (Timothy L. Mounts Award Winner)

11:45 Evidence of Molecular Clustering in Liquid Triacylgycerols. Gianfranco Mazzanti*, Dalhousie University, Canada (Edible Applications Technology Division Outstanding Achievement Award Winner)

12:05 Development of Peppermint Essential Oil-Loaded Hollow Solid Lipid Micro- and Nanospheres as Natural Food Antimicrobials. Junsi Yang*(AOCS Honored Student Award Winner), Car Reen Kok, Robert Hutkins, and Ozan N. Ciftci, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

IOP 2: Olechemicals and Green Chemistry

Rm 102 11:05 Waterborne Glycerol Based Thermoplastic Adhesives for Wood Composites. Eric Cochran* (ACI/NBB Glycerine Innovation Award Winner), R. Christopher Williams (ACI/NBB Glycerine Innovation Award Winner), Andrew N. Becker, Nacu B. Hernandez, and Michael J. Forrester, Iowa State University, USA

PCP 2a: Emerging Sources of Protein

Rm 220 8:00 Value-added Applications of Spent Hen as Nutraceuticals and Functional Food Ingredients. Hongbing Fan* (AOCS Honored Student Award Winner) and Jianping Wu, University of Alberta, Canada

BIO 3: Plant and Algae Lipid Biotechnology and Genomics

Rm 101 4:45 Development of Strategies for Modification of Seed Oil Formation. Randall J. Weselake*, Dept. of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science, University of Alberta, Canada (Biotechnology Division Ching Hou Biotechnology Award Winner)

LOQ 3b: Specialty Oils: Phytochemicals, Extraction and Oxidative Stability

Rm 103 4:45 Effects of Deacidification Methods on High FFA Containing Oils Obtained from Sea Buckthorn Berry. Longkai Shi* (AOCS Honored Student Award Winner; Manuchehr (Manny) Eijadi Award Winner), Ruijie Liu, Ming Chang, Qingzhe Jin, and Xingguo Wang, Jiangnan University, China

PHO 2: New Trends in Lecithin Process, Modification and Applications

Rm 106

2:00 Polar Lipids: Potentiality for Exploration. Xuebing Xu*, Wilmar Global Research and Development Center, China (Stephen S. Chang Award Winner)

2:25 Coffee meet and greet

ANA 3c/LOQ 3a: Advanced Analytical Techniques for Lipid Oxidation

Rm 103 3:00 Application of Flow Cytometry as Novel Technology in the Study of Lipid Oxidation in Oil-in-Water Emulsions. Peilong Li*1 (Lipid Oxidation and Quality Division Student Travel Grant Winner), D. Julian J. McClements2, and Eric A. Decker2, 1Dept. of Food Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA; 2University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA

Dedicated poster viewing 5:30–6:30 p.m. | Hall 1


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