Saturday, February 21, 2015

Free: JAOCS paper on liquid margarine

This month, the paper-of-the-month spotlight shifts to the Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society and an article chosen by Senior Associate Editor Silvana Martini of Utah State University. The featured research, which was led by Bente Kirkhus of Nofima AS, shows that liquid margarine is significantly more stable than vegetable oils toward thermal oxidation as measured with the OSI method, especially at high temperatures (160 to 180 degrees Celsius). The authors explain that the increased stability might be related to a smaller loss of vitamin E content during heating and to the loss of pro-oxidants during water evaporation. The article is available for free download until April 16, 2015.

The Role of Water in Protection Against Thermal Deterioration of Liquid Margarine
Bente Kirkhus, Amandine Lamglait, Ivar Storrø, Gjermund Vogt, Elisabeth Olsen, Frank Lundby, Håkon Standal. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society. February 2015, Volume 92, Issue 2, pp 215-223.

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  1. The featured investigation, which has been led by Bente Kirkhus involving Nofima AS, demonstrates that e liquid wholesale uk margarine can be considerably much more dependable than veggie oils in the direction of thermal oxidation as measured while using OSI method, especially at high conditions. The creators explain that the improved stability might be in connection with a smaller loss of supplement E information in the course of heating system and to the damage of pro-oxidants throughout water evaporation.