Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Laboratory Proficiency Program Early Enrollment Reward

Don’t risk the integrity of your analytical results. Guarantee accuracy in your laboratory with the AOCS Laboratory Proficiency Program (LPP), the most extensive testing program for oil- and fat-related commodities, oilseeds, oilseed meals and edible fats. Enroll by May 20, 2015 to participate in a full year of testing and fulfill the proficiency testing accreditation requirement.

In addition, as a full-year LPP participant you are eligible to apply for the Approved Chemists’ program. AOCS Approved Chemists are in high demand, and are highly regarded throughout the industry. Use your status as an AOCS Approved Chemist to promote your technical expertise and attract new business – sign up today!

Get the best rate on your 2015 LPP enrollment when you enroll March 1–April 1.  Use promo code LPPEARLY at checkout to save on your enrollment price.

Visit the website for more information.

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