Friday, February 13, 2015

WRI/Searchinger’s Food vs. Fuel and ILUC Theories vs Facts and Real-World Data

In a new blog post, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) systematically debunks a recent World Resources Institute (WRI) paper, authored by Tim Searchinger, about the future impacts of bioenergy on land use, food markets, and climate change. RFA cites recent academic literature and real-world data that dispute a number of the WRI paper’s misguided assertions. RFA also highlights the similarities between the thesis of the new WRI paper and the disproven Searchinger theories first posited in 2008.

Debunking Searchinger’s Doomsday Theories…Again
A new paper written for World Resources Institute (WRI) by Timothy Searchinger and Ralph Heimlich falsely claims that expansion of crop- and forestry-based bioenergy will exacerbate climate change and global food insecurity. The paper makes two central arguments, both of which have been made (and thoroughly discredited) in previous papers by the authors. - See more at:

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