Tuesday, November 25, 2014

NEW Olive Oil Book : A Reference for Olive Oil Professionals and Enthusiasts (+ Recipes)

Choosing or selecting an olive oil for cooking your holiday meal can confound both professionals and home cooks. Olive Oil: A Field Guide provides clear guidelines to help choose and buy the best olive oil. 

If you plan on cooking a Turkey with olive oil this holiday season we have found a few recipes that should guarantee a healthy and flavorful meal.

Other holiday favorites can also be improved by using a quality olive oil. For mashed potatoes. try Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes with Garlic. We all know olive oil can be great for roasting vegetables but don't forget dessert! According to the Olive Oil Times olive oil can improve the taste of baked goods as well.

“Most people don’t think about using olive oil in their sweet or savory baked goods,” Gunn explains.  “The flavor of a mild or light olive oil will not be detected and the fruitiness of it will complement the other flavors in baked sweets.  When making pumpkin bread, oatmeal cookies, cakes, or pie crust, substitute a mild olive oil for butter and use about 1/4 less than the amount of butter you would normally use.” [From "Pouring on the Olive Oil for Thanksgiving"]

I hope that the Olive Oil: A Field Guide can help you in selecting an authentic quality oil for healthy cooking.

And please share your favorite recipes with tips@aocs.org!

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