Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Processing of Fats and Oils Resources from AOCS -ON SALE!

Save 15% and enjoy free shipping on the following AOCS Press titles through November 7, 2014.  Be sure to use promo code PAF014. Also, watch your email for weekly Flash Book Sale announcements each week or sign-up to receive these announcements at

Structure-Function Analysis of Edible Fats
Edited by Alejandro G. Marangoni
This book summarizes current modern approaches in the quantification of the physical structure of fats and its relationship to macroscopic functionality. With increased maturity of a field such as the physics of fats and oils, comes an increased need for more quantitative approaches to common problems encountered by industry. Read more...

Green Vegetable Oil Processing
Revised First Edition
Edited by Walter E. Farr and Andrew Proctor
This book addresses alternative green technologies at various stages of oilseed and vegetable oil processing, including: oil extraction technologies such as expeller, aqueous, and supercritical methods; and green modifications of conventional unit operations such as degumming, refining, bleaching, hydrogenation, winterizing/dewaxing, fractionation, and deodorization.  Read more...

Lipid Oxidation
Challenges in Food Systems
Edited by Amy Logan, Uwe Nienaber, and Xiangqing (Shawn) Pan
Lipid oxidation in food systems is one of the most important factors affecting food quality, nutrition, safety, color, and consumers’ acceptance. The control of lipid oxidation remains an ongoing challenge as most foods constitute very complex matrices.This book provides recent perspectives aimed at a better understanding of lipid oxidation mechanisms and strategies to improve the oxidative stability of food systems. Read more...

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