Monday, October 20, 2014

Collaborative Efforts for Sustainability in the Home Care Industry

AOCS surveyed voluntary collaborative efforts related to sustainability in the home care industry.

An inventory of activities and initiatives was developed and organized according to standard stages of an LCA. Case studies were selected from this inventory to highlight the scope and diversity of some of the current collaborative efforts. For each case study, the relevant life cycle stages impacted by the activity are highlighted for reference. The hope is that that these examples might serve as a guide or “roadmap” and inspire others to replicate or amplify such voluntary collaborative efforts globally, driving more meaningful change throughout the entire industry. The case studies presented in this report are not meant to represent an exhaustive list of collaborative efforts in the home care industry. Rather, they are offered as illustrative examples of creative actions and strategies voluntarily employed by organizations in this sector. Brief descriptions of additional collaborative activities are provided at the end of this report providing a broader perspective on the current state of voluntary collaborative efforts in the home care industry.

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