Thursday, April 14, 2022

Member spotlight: Rinat Ran-Ressler

Rinat Ran-Ressler is a principal scientist on the Science and Technology Team at Nestlé Product Technology Center, Nestle Health Sciences, in Bridgewater, NJ, USA.

Dr. Ran-Ressler is a registered dietician with clinical experience and a Ph.D. in human nutrition from Cornell University. She pursued her Ph.D. at Dr. Tom Brenna’s lab, studying the role of branched chain fatty acids—rare fatty acids that were considered metabolically inert—in gut development. She  joined Nestlé Health Science as a senior scientist before moving into her current role.

Describe your research and/or explain what big challenge or problem your work is trying to solve.

I have several roles within Nestlé Health Science. With respect to lipids and oils, I am a member of an Expert Network within Nestlé. Our goal is to drive innovation and focus applications of our lipid discoveries across Nestlé’s business categories. Quality, feasibility, nutritional merit, and sustainability are high priority considerations, which guide us when we choose our oils.

How has AOCS helped you in the past in solving challenges in your work/research?

One of the advantages of AOCS is that it serves as an applicable knowledge platform across a broad spectrum of topics within the arena of lipids and oils. It is a platform that enables us to collaborate, connect, learn from each other, and share experiences. AOCS combines industry and academia to foster discoveries that empower and enhance the important and exciting role of lipids and oils in health and nutrition.

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