Friday, January 28, 2022

Congratulations to newly minted Emeritus AOCS member: Semih Koseoglu

Each year the AOCS Governing Board has the honor of approving long-term members for Emeritus status. Emeritus Members are those members who either meet qualifications for Retired Member and have completed 35 years of membership in the Society or are Retired Members who have served as a past President, won the AOCS Award of Merit winner or A.R. Baldwin Distinguished Service Award winner, and have been accepted as an Emeritus Member with the approval of two-thirds of the Governing Board.

AOCS membership dues are free for the rest of Emeritus members' lives.

In 2022, 23 AOCS members achieved Emeritus membership. We will be spotlighting many of them throughout January.

Meet Semih (Sefa) Koseoglu

Dr. Teruyoshi Yanagita

Dr. Koseoglu is the founder of the Filtration and Membrane World/Bioactives World Forum and co-founder of the Smart Short Courses that have trained more than 8,500 engineers, plant managers, chemists and technicians across the world. Courses contain training programs on 12 different topics, including oils and fats, microencapsulation, omega-3 oils, pre- and pro-biotics, aquafeed, snack food technology, hydrocolloids, oil extraction, hemp and cannabis processing, soy foods, seed proteins, and HFCS.

Dr. Koseoglu has worked for 16 years as Head of the Separation Science Program, Associate Director, and Associate Research Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department, Food Protein R&D Center, and the Engineering Biosciences Research Center of Texas A&M University. He established and managed the Separation Sciences Program at The Food Protein R&D Center from 1986 to 2002.

Dr. Koseoglu earned his degrees at the Chemical Engineering Department of Gazi University (Ankara, Turkey; B.S 1975), Brock University (St. Catharines, Ontario; M.S. 1982) and University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario; Ph.D. 1984). He began his professional life at the Cambrian Engineering Group Limited in Toronto as a research and development scientist working on development of hydrogenation catalysts for soybean and canola oil hydrogenations for two years before moving to Texas A&M University in March 1986. He worked as Associate Director for the Food Protein R&D Center from 1991 to 1993. Dr. Koseoglu has supervised the theses of 8 Ph.D. and 15 M.S. students, including three current professors in universities.

How has your membership and involvement with AOCS influenced your career?

AOCS gave me the opportunity to network with experts in the field, learn about the current state of science and technology, and enhance my career.

What advice do you have for early-career scientists/researchers who are at the start of their careers?

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Congratulations, Dr. Koseoglu, and thank you for your contributions to AOCS and the scientific community! Learn more about the different types of AOCS membership.

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