Monday, January 17, 2022

AOCS Corporate Member Spotlight: BTSA

Clara Chun, Customer Success Manager at AOCS, talked with Jaclyn Fleischmann, Sales Manager at BTSA, a global company based in Spain with over 25 years of experience developing natural ingredients.

They discussed BTSA's products, including the world's first organic antioxidant, as well as what Jaclyn thinks will be the biggest challenges for BTSA in 2022.

What type of products/services does your company provide?

Since 1994, BTSA has specialized in producing natural antioxidant solutions and natural vitamin E using physical methods – distillation (versus chemical solvent extraction) from non-GMO vegetable sources. We solve oxidation issues and help with extending shelf-life, while protecting products from physical degradation, at a low cost-in-use.

What differentiates your company from companies in the same space?

Jaclyn Fleischmann, Sales Manager, BTSA.

At BTSA, we use physical distillation, a much cleaner method to carefully extract the tocopherols and natural vitamin E whereas all our competitors use chemical solvent extraction which can leave the final product with residual solvents.

We have perfected our production so our products have the utmost efficacy while making the product extremely easy to use in a production setting. All products plated on powder use proprietary methods to achieve the highest actives-to-powder ratio in our industry. 

We are also the leader in innovative solutions. Our antioxidant blends are cutting edge, easy to work with and highly effective.

What are some recent innovations your company is most proud of?

We recently released the world’s first organic antioxidant TOCOBIOL® ORGANIC. To date, there is no other organic certified tocopherol-based antioxidant on the market.

TOCOBIOL® ORGANIC is the first tocopherol-based antioxidant certified organic by the National Organic Program (NOP) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the European equivalent of EU Regulation 834/2007. TOCOBIOL® ORGANIC is a unique antioxidant, developed and manufactured in Spain exclusively by BTSA.

Fast facts about this product:

  • Unlimited use in organic products.
  • Manufactured in Spain.
  • Made exclusively by BTSA.

What do you think will be the biggest challenges for your company next year?

The biggest challenge for our company next year will be to continue to reduce our carbon footprint and becoming more sustainable by focusing on being an active part of the circular economy and continuing to improve our company based on the Sustainable Development Goals.

With the current production model, the world is depleting natural resources and abusing non-renewable energies, which is why the circular economy is gaining so much importance. The objective is to leave behind the linear model and replace it with another that allows product life extension or gives products a second life to reduce the use of raw materials, optimize the materials and reduce the amount of waste generated.

Here at BTSA, we are working hard to achieve these goals and will continue to challenge ourselves in 2022.

Why is AOCS Corporate Membership important to your organization?

AOCS Corporate Membership is important to our organization because it gives us the ability to stay up to date with new innovations and technologies while keeping us connected with industry professionals.

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