Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Member Spotlight: Snigdha Guha

Snigdha Guha
Snigdha Guha is a student member and member of the Protein and Co-product (PCP) Division. She is currently a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Nebraska.

How did you get involved with the Protein and Co-Products Division?

My research focuses on isolating and identifying bioactive peptides from dietary sources, particularly from the Nebraskan Great Northern beans. Therefore, the PCP Division was the most appropriate Division in AOCS for showcasing my interesting research among the PCP community.

How do you hope or how has AOCS helped in solving challenges you encounter in your work and/or research?

AOCS has been a good platform for connecting with professionals in the same research field as I am. I learned a lot through the various showcases of research in the divisions, and it has helped me guide my research by keeping me updated with the various research trends in my field.

What excites you the most about your work?

I am very passionate about research, which makes work very exciting for me. Every day brings a new challenge and thus looking for solutions, getting to learn more, and finally getting good results at the end, which gives me immense satisfaction and happiness in what I am doing.

Have you presented in the AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo before? Share your experience?

I have presented in the AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo two times. The first one was in 2019, where I presented my research in the Health and Nutrition (H&N) Division. I was still very early on in my research, and it was the first conference I attended in my life, so it was memorable. The second time I presented in both PCP and H&N division in the 2021 conference, and this time around, by god’s grace, I received first position in both the divisions for my research. So, my overall experience of AOCS has been really good and fruitful.

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