Wednesday, September 1, 2021

AOCS Corporate Member Spotlight: ADF Engineering, Inc.

Matt Williamson and Alex Fishman, ADF Engineering, Inc.
Matt Williamson (left) and Alex Fishman (right), ADF Engineering, Inc., at the 2019 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo.

In this conversation, Alex Fishman, President, ADF Engineering, Inc., shares what drives their engineers to be a "go-to source" in processing engineering. Fishman also shares what he sees as the biggest challenges as uncertainty continues due to the pandemic.

ADF Engineering, Inc., is a 2021 AOCS Bronze Corporate Member.

What type of products/services does ADF Engineering, Inc.?

We are a multidiscipline engineering firm providing design and project management services to oilseeds and similar processing plants. Most projects are connected to existing plant operations, their upgrades, capacity expansion, and environmental or safety compliance.

We also help our clients with new plant designs, from engineering to construction.  

What differentiates ADF Engineering, Inc. from companies in the same space?

Our agility and ability to pivot, and react fast to unforeseen changes gives our clients peace of mind, resulting in a high satisfaction rating. We believe our clients deserve more personal relationships and better customer service. Our clients value the technical expertise and field experience of our engineers and repeatedly consider ADF Engineering as the “go-to source” for their process and facility engineering.

In addition, it’s important to mention how our staff strives for leadership in the industry. Our engineers continuously address the industry “hot” topics and present papers at AOCS meetings and in AOCS INFORM magazine. Some recent presentations have included discussions on dust hazards, cleanability, and water recovery opportunities.

What are some recent innovations ADF Engineering, Inc. is most proud of?

As design engineers, it’s our calling to apply innovative and unique solutions to clients’ challenges. Recently, we successfully applied creative process solutions resulting in energy and water recovery and re-use at several of our clients’ plants, helping our client’s operation become more efficient while meeting their sustainability targets.

What do you think will be the biggest challenges for ADF Engineering, Inc. next year?

I think we are still in uncharted territory due to the global impact of the pandemic. Production demand fluctuations and labor shortages will put pressure on our clients' operations to stay flexible but efficient and forcing them to adjust fast. Equally, we need to continue polishing our staff's ability with rapid response to ensure we can meet any challenges that clients might face.

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