Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Introducing our hosts for November's Monthly Membership Midweek Mixer

Rick Theiner of Evonik Corporation and Jill Moser of USDA, Agricultural Research Service will be hosting November's Monthly Member Midweek Mixer!

This Mixer will help you navigate and make the most of your AOCS member benefits. Then, you can ask questions and get to know your new community through introductions. Long-time AOCS members will also share stories of their own collaborations through AOCS and fond memories of networking at meetings.

Join us for this Midweek Mixer on November 10 at 2 p.m. (UTC–06/Chicago, USA)!

Remember, attending the Monthly Membership Midweek Mixer makes you eligible to win US $100 gift card and other giveaways!

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Get to know your hosts!

Eric “Rick” Theiner is a Technical Applications Manager for Evonik Corporation, working at the North American Business and Innovation Center in Richmond, VA. Rick earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN, in 1990. Since that time he has primarily been working in the area of formulating cleaning compounds for hard surfaces, dishwashing, and laundry as well as examining interactions at interfaces and how surfactants impact those interactions. He has also earned a Master of Science in Physical Chemistry from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA (2012) to further his understanding of interfacial phenomena and aid in his work of surfactant product development.  

Rick has been a member of the American Oil Chemists' Society since 1996 and began to take an active role in leadership in 2006.  He currently serves as the Technical Program Committee chair for the AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo.  He is grateful for the contacts he has made across the fats and oils industry and the resulting enrichment of his personal and professional life.  Regarding the AOCS, Rick says, “My career has taken me further than I ever would have expected and much of that is due to my involvement with the AOCS.  It is only natural that I would want to give back and to help develop other professionals in this manner.” 

Jill Moser is a research chemist for the USDA, Agricultural Research Service in Peoria, IL. Her research interests span lipid oxidation and antioxidants, phytochemical analysis, and lipid structuring. She has been a member of AOCS for 15 years and is actively involved in the Lipid Oxidation and Quality Division and is currently a member of the Governing Board. 

Join AOCS for this Midweek Mixer on November 10 at 2 p.m. (UTC–06/Chicago, USA)!

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