Thursday, June 11, 2020

Lipid Oxidation and Quality Division Virtual Round Table

This week the Lipid Oxidation and Quality Division held a virtual round table where attendees from all over the world, including Austria, Uruguay, Canada and the USA, converged for a wonderful meeting.

The group got to know one another better with some ice breaker questions. One of the favorites was, “If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future?” Many attendees chose the future to help find a vaccine to combat COVID-19.

One order of business was introducing the leadership: Karen Schaich, Vice Chair, who has been an AOCS member for 40 years; Xiaoqing (Nora) Yang, Chair of the Division, who is a former student of Dr. Schaich and served as  Vice Chair for the past two years; and David Johnson, Kalsec, who has been involved with AOCS since his student days.

Attendees discussed the results of the LOQ Division Survey to help determine topics for the 2021 Annual Meeting sessions. Top topics include: New analytical techniques to track oxidation; Oxidation in specific food matrices – oxidation patterns, analytical method, differences in antioxidant strategies; New thinking in lipid oxidation mechanisms and catalysis; Effect of lipid oxidation on digestibility, nutrient availability and toxicity; and Lipid oxidation and shelf life of new fats (natural and interesterified).

The Division also expressed interest in offering interactive, general educational tutorials likely in an online format. Therefore, there is the need to identify presenters and topics possibly through a survey of Division members and possibly AOCS members more broadly.

All in all, there was good conversation, wonderful collaboration and lots of laughter!

Xiaoqing (Nora) Yang, Kalsec, Inc., USA

To participate in annual meeting technical programming, contact:
Vice Chair
Karen Schaich, Rutgers University, USA

To engage in upcoming networking events, contact:
David Johnson, Kalsec, USA

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