Thursday, January 9, 2020

Congratulations on our new Emeritus members!

Every year, AOCS members who have maintained their membership with the Society for 35 consecutive years and meet the requirements for retired membership are considered for Emeritus membership. For 2020, we are excited to announce sixteen new Emeritus members.

What does Emeritus membership include? All the amazing benefits of AOCS membership, but for FREE!

Learn more about Emeritus Membership and join me in congratulating our Class of 2020 Emeritus members.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Class of 2020 Emeritus Members
Ken Beery, member since 1985
Michael Cox, member since 1983
Frank J. Flider, member since 1975
Bill Hausmann, member since 1976
Ed Hunter, member since 1983
Dharma R. Kodali, member since 1982
Firouz Madadnoee, member since 1984
Rodney J. Mailer, member since 1983
Steve Misner, member since 1984
Andy Proctor, member since 1984
Ian Purtle, member since 1983
Kiyotaka Sato, member since 1985
Vijai K.S. Shukla, member since 1985
Dennis K. Strayer, member since 1974
Frank Veldkamp, member since 1984
Earl D. Weak, member since 1982

When I asked for favorite AOCS memories, Dennis Strayer, retired from Bunge North America, shared:
“Upon reflection, I realized that all of my interactions with AOCS were memorable and no single thing stands out more than any other. I always (and still do) look forward each month to the Journals and INFORM, as it is an opportunity to learn and expand my technical knowledge. And likewise, I always look forward each year to the annual meetings as an opportunity to reconnect with old colleagues and meet new ones as well as getting a chance to see the see and learn about the latest developments in our industry. I always made a point at each meeting to introduce myself to at least one member I had not met yet in our society and learn as much as I could about that person from that meeting.
And I would like to add, that inform|connect has been a tremendous success, as it adds a new dimension to the Society as it allows for daily interaction with the Society and the members that was difficult to achieve in the past. I applaud the Society for this activity and the effort that goes into it."

Thank you all for your dedication to the Society! 

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