Monday, December 1, 2014

AOCS and Society of Cosmetic Chemists Announce Collaborative Programming

AOCS and Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) signed a formal memorandum of understanding to collaborate in developing programming targeted for the cosmetic industry for the 106th AOCS Annual Meeting and Industry Showcases in Orlando, Florida, May 3–6, 2015. The agreement came after both societies acknowledged the importance of sharing technology, information, and analytical methods in the development of cosmetics and personal care products; and providing new avenues for professional development for members of both societies.

“By working together, the societies will provide opportunities for their members to reach out, exchange information, and collaborate with other related-industry professionals,” said David Smith, Executive Director, SCC. “It is critical to have those connection points as our industries expand globally.”

“Our societies and industries are interconnected. There is significant overlap in our research and technologies, and making that information accessible is crucial for developing standards and maintaining the integrity of the cosmetic industry,” shared Rick Theiner, Chairperson, Surfactants and Detergents Division.

Three joint sessions will be offered at the AOCS Annual Meeting. The Surfactants and Detergents Division will feature a session entitled Surfactants: Cosmetic Science, which will focus on applications of surfactants in cosmetic and personal care products; including cosmetic formulation aspects and interactions of surfactants with skin, hair, and related biological surfaces.

The Protein and Co-Products Division will host a session on Strategies in Advanced Utilization of Proteins and Peptides that will concentrate on utilities of proteins and peptides, including emulsions, protein modifications, bio-actives delivery, nanotechnology, enzymes and their inhibition, and therapeutic and cosmetic activities of proteins and peptides.

The third joint session, Lipid Oil and Skin Health, developed by both the Biotechnology and Health and Nutrition Divisions, will center around the synthesis and application of lipids and oils to improve skin health.

The AOCS Annual Meeting and Industry Showcases will be held in Orlando, Florida, May 3-6, 2015. As one of the premier international science and business forums on fats, oils, surfactants, lipids, and related materials, the meeting brings together more than 1,600 attendees from around the world. Known for its extensive program, the Annual Meeting features more than 600 presentations within 11 interest areas. The Industry Showcases will house business solutions for fats and oils professionals, and provide a forum for the exchange of information amongst industry partners.

To learn more about the AOCS Annual Meeting and Industry Showcases visit:

To learn more about the collaboration between AOCS and SCC contact: Jeffry L. Newman, AOCS Senior Director of Programs, at, or David Smith, Executive Director of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, at

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