Monday, October 7, 2013

AOCS Responds to EFSA Report “Analysis of occurrence of 3 ‐ monochloropropane ‐ 1,2 ‐ diol (3 ‐ MCPD) in food in Europe in the year 2009–2011 and preliminary exposure assessment”

 3-MCPD was the subject of a recent scientific report by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). In that report, EFSA notes that the results of its preliminary exposure assessment are uncertain owing to a lack of standard analytical methods.

AOCS Chief Science Officer and Technical Director Richard Cantrill responded to the EFSA report in a letter dated October 4, 2013:

"We wish to address the report recommendation regarding the development of standard analytical methods. . . . The question of whether these process contaminants are a threat to public health is a matter of great importance; however, as the report pointed out, that question can only be answered through the use of standard methods. We have worked for the past several years with the global edible oil industry to validate methods so that occurrence and exposure assessment can be as robust as possible. We would like to further that work by collaborating with EFSA. We welcome the
opportunity to discuss our comments in more detail at your earliest convenience."

Read "AOCS Response to EFSA Report"(.pdf) in its entirety.

EFSA Report and Responses
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