Thursday, October 10, 2013

AOCS Newsletter Highlights October 2013

AOCS Validates Methods for MCPD Ester Analysis
A collaborative study conducted by AOCS over the past 12 months with 20 participants from eight countries has validated three indirect methods for characterizing 3-MCPD- (or monochloropropane-1,2-diol), 2-MCPD- and glycidyl-esters in oils and fats.
  • AOCS Official Method Cd 29b-13: Determination of Bound Monochloropropanediol-(MCPD-) and Bound 2,3-epoxy-1-propanol (glycidol-) by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)
  • AOCS Official Method Cd 29c-13: Fatty-acid-bound 3-chloropropane-1,2,diol (3-MCPD) and 2,3-epoxi-propane-1-ol (glycidol), Determination in Oils and Fats by GC/MS (Differential Measurement)
Inform Free Features
The body's "silent partners" are the topic of the first free article from Inform, the AOCS membership magazine. Learn how the microbes that live on/in humans affect our physiology, how these microbial communities interact with our environment, and what the implications might be.

In our second free article, discover how a shortage of acrylic acid has led to a green route to glycerol and long-chain olefins via ultraviolet irradiation of fats and vegetable oils. "The glycerol can be transformed through catalytic processes into acrylic acid and other essential raw material . . . ," the investigators say. They are not alone in the search for biobased acrylic acid—an extremely versatile industrial chemical feedstock.

AOCS Award News
Allan Green of CSIRO is the recipient of the AOCS Australasian Section Lipid Research Award. He has been at the forefront of research in plant lipid biosynthesis and genetic manipulation for over three decades. Green will receive the award at the AAOCS Biennial Meeting in November.

We are still accepting nominations for many of the awards, but deadlines are fast approaching.

Visit the Awards Program website for deadlines, nomination requirements, and applications. Don't delay — October 15 is the first nomination deadline.

AOCS 2014 Budget Discussions
AOCS Business Management Committee members Phil Bollheimer, Doug Lopshire, Ramanathan Narayanan, and Blake Hendrix were joined by Vice President Steve Hill and President Tim Kemper to review the proposed budget for 2014 at AOCS Headquarters in Urbana, Illinois, USA, on October 2.

The committee spent the day discussing the proposed budget with AOCS staff. The budget was approved for recommendation to the Board.

The next Governing Board meeting will take place in Chicago, Illinois, USA, October 17 in conjunction with the AOCS Value Center Meetings taking place the day before. Members of the Value Centers will meet to assess current activities and to provide input to the AOCS staff about future directions.

Looking for a Job?
AOCS Career Services regularly posts some of the best career opportunities in the industry.
AOCS partners with Chemical Watch (CW)
AOCS members can keep abreast of global regulatory news and meet responsibilities under chemicals legislation worldwide.

CW – a news and intelligence service based in Great Britain – will provide several free articles and briefings per month on the AOCS members-only portion of the website. The company is also offering AOCS members 20% off the annual subscription fee for the full news service.

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