Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Membership Survey (Part 4)

This is the final post on the 2012 Membership Survey. “Publications and Media Use” was the section’s title. Think the AOCS website for “media use”.

AOCS Website
The general take-away on why members visit the AOCS website is to access the free Inform articles or the AOCS journals – basically to access information. And this included views to our meeting webpages (meeting information and registration pages). But the AOCS Store was not a common source of traffic.

We have heard that the online store is not user-friendly, that the search capabilities are limited and results page cumbersome. In response, we are building a new online store as part of our overall information management platform (think database, a database that "runs" our website, financial transactions, member programs, and so much more) upgrade. Perhaps you heard about this upgrade while at the 104th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo? But just in case you haven’t heard – (from the May 2013 AOCS enewsletter)-

     AOCS CEO, Patrick Donnelly, took the podium during the AOCS Annual Business Meeting and   Luncheon to discuss the need for member support to help fund the installation of new software to manage all aspects of AOCS members’ and constituents’ information. His presentation centered on the fact that the last time AOCS had updated its information management platform was 1999.

     Donnelly reported that the participants he has interacted with over his first year as CEO were quick to tell him of the value AOCS brings to their professional careers and personal life and how it has helped support their research or business. Donnelly urged them to consider supporting AOCS now in this endeavor to give AOCS the opportunity to serve them even better.

This new software should allow our members to easily manage their member accounts (including changing usernames and passwords), access previous orders (along with printing receipts/invoices), and offer a better user experience when viewing our online store.
Over the summer months, AOCS staff will be customizing this database for our membership and training on how to use it. Look for additional mailings, email notices, announcements, and blog posts on how we are progressing with the software installation.
Publications Quality and Relevance to Work
Most members think highly of Inform magazine, as well as AOCS journals, along with technical resources; such as, Official Methods and Recommended Practices of the AOCS, Laboratory Proficiency Program, and Official Samples. Each were rated an average of 4.2 on a 5-point scale, while AOCS books (4.1) and AOCS Lipid Library (4.0) were also rated very highly.
Well, that is the majority of the survey responses and findings (if you read all 4 parts). I do thank everyone who participated in the survey. And since all replies were confidential, I am sorry that I can’t personally contact those individuals who asked specific questions in the comments section.
As always, let me know if you want to discuss the report more fully. Or just want to talk about AOCS. 

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