Friday, May 10, 2013

AAOCS Meeting • Omega-3 Symposium • Frying Workshop

Australasian Section of AOCS - 2013 Fuel vs Food Debate & Omega 3 Symposium
Wednesday, November 06, 2013 - Friday, November 08, 2013
Noah's on the Beach | Newcastle,  Australia

Learn, share, and discuss science and industry progress related to all aspects of fats and oils. The meeting will focus on the debate over oils produced for food versus biofuels. There will be a full-day Frying Workshop as well as a joint full-day Omega-3 Symposium with the Omega-3 Centre, highlighting the latest research on Omega-3 Oils.

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Call for Papers
Interested in submitting an abstract? Abstracts must be submitted by Friday, 20 September.

AAOCS Award for Scientific Excellence in Lipid Research
Submit a nomination for a scientist/industry leader from within the Australasian region that has made a significant research contribution toward fats and oils research. The nomination deadline is Friday, 17 May.


Wednesday, 6 November Frying Workshop — Full Day Presentation
Welcome Mixer including the presentation of the inaugural AAOCS Award for Scientific Excellence in Lipid Research — Following Frying Workshop

Thursday, 7 November
Joint AAOCS and Omega-3 Centre SymposiumO3C Logo
& Conference Dinner
Friday, 8 November AAOCS meeting

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