Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Introducing top fiber protection against dirt with superior sustainability

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TexCare® SRN 170 Terra: a green multi-faceted all-rounder for clean results

The increasing environmental awareness and concerns of consumers are expected to generate higher demand for sustainable products. In the past five years, almost 5.5 thousand laundry liquid detergents with ECO claims were launched globally, representing more than 70% of all new launches.

In this crowded market, and with technical information easily accessible, it’s important that green products meet the high-performance expectations of consumers and the claims that brands make.

TexCare® SRN 170 Terra has been developed specifically to address the two key challenges of the laundry detergents category: to create more natural and sustainable products, and with these to deliver real fiber protection. This includes increasing a product’s renewable carbon index (RCI), especially of performance ingredients such as polymers, and ensuring no performance drawback, that is, good stain removal, extended life of clothing, and fabric preservation.

Renewable Carbon Index: 75%

With an RCI of 75% with superior fiber protection against dirt, this new solution unites better climate protection with better performance. It is certified with Clariant’s EcoTain® label for products that offer outstanding sustainability advantages and have best-in-class performance using 36 key social, environmental, and economic criteria.

Clariant’s entire TexCare® range uses multifunctional polymers with a molecular structure that is very similar to that of polyester materials. The molecules are deposited on the fabric, forming multiple layers that offer steadily growing protection to the fibers. Due to its relatively short chain length, TexCare® SRN 170 Terra is the most flexible in the line, being easy to formulate in most surfactant systems.

Providing more with less

This new solution shields against stains by forming a protective film on fabric, preventing soil from penetrating into the material. During subsequent washes, soil removal is facilitated and is then carried away by detergent micelles.

It also offers anti-redeposition, providing repulsion between fabric and soil as well as interacting with soil, capturing it and keeping it suspended away from the material.

Finally,  TexCare® is a soil lifter, improving cleaning by boosting detergency. It leads the surfactants closer to the soil which then starts separating from the fiber surface. By helping to remove stains in the first wash, producing a soil release effect in the next wash, maintaining the whiteness of clothes even after multiple washes, and being easy to incorporate into most surfactant systems, TexCare® SRN 170 Terra allows you noticeable differentiation by adding substantiated claims to your product.

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