Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Welcome to the AOCS Community and thank you recruiters

At the end of January our new member (Active members) total reached 158 or 37% of our goal of 425 for dues year 2020. Some of our new members were encouraged to join by an AOCS member as part of our Member-Refer-A-Friend program. This new initiative awards you with a US $20 gift card for every new Active member that joins, but make sure they list your name on the membership application. Recruiters can earn up to US $100 for the entire membership year. In addition, we will recognize all recruiters of Actives, students and Corporate Members online, as a way of saying THANK YOU!

Active Member Recruiters for Dues Year 2020, as of 1/31/2020
Yunshen Chen encouraged Lynn Foster to join.
Ryan Dietzenbach recommended Doug Reuscher join.
Steven Hess recommended colleague at Hersheys, John B. Kremer, become a member.
Barry Gursky invited his Oil-Dri co-worker, Chris Dieckmann, to join.
Janitha Wanasundara influenced Frederic Marsoleais, to become a member.

Student Member Recruiters for Dues Year 2020, as of 1/31/2020
Rotimi Aluko recommended to Nancy Asen to join and attend the 2020 AOCS Annual Meeting.
Vermont P. Dia encouraged Cindy Andrea Nieto Veloza to join (Vermont is her PhD major advisor).
Usha Thiyam-Hollander encouraged Olamide Fadairo to join.
Olayinka Olarewaju recommended student membership to Razi Sultana.
Hongbing Fan highly recommended to Ziaoyu Bao to join.
Jessica Phulchand encouraged Adrian Argudo to become a member.

Why did these members refer people to the society? Prof. Rotimi Aluko, University of Manitoba, wrote:
“Nancy is my PhD student and membership of AOCS will benefit her academic and professional development. This is also an excellent means of recruiting leaders of tomorrow for the organization.”

Who will be featured next month? Think of a colleague or research collaborator that would benefit from AOCS. Get more details online and do your part to help our Society grow!

Our newest members, found on this list that AOCS members can view, includes 79 more individuals and one new Silver Corporate Member, DVC Process Technologists.

Here are some highlights of this group:

  • 16 different countries were represented in the list, with 42% of new members from outside the USA
  • Five new students were welcomed into the Society
  •  Job functions: plant managers, professors, lab managers, CEOs, refinery managers, chemists, chemical engineers, research scientists, and product developers are among those on the list  
  •  89% of the Actives are from industry; 11% from university

Say “Hi!” on inform|connect or plan to meet your fellow AOCS members at one of the networking events at the AOCS 2020 Annual Meeting.

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