Friday, July 5, 2019

Call for experts on avocado oil to participate in an Electronic Working Group

The Codex Alimentarius Committee on Fats and Oils has issued a call for Experts to participate in oversight of their review of avocado oil.

The intention is:

"To review all available data on the characteristics and origins of avocado oil with a view to revising the provisions for avocado oil; and to prepare a report of the EWG to be submitted to the Codex Secretariat, at least 3 months in advance of CCFO27 for circulation for comments at Step 3."

Details are available at this link:

The Usergroup name is CCFO-Avocado oil_2019

Please note there is an impending deadline for registration (July 31, 2019). Interested parties can register at; and Experts outside of Mexico and the USA may be directed to register through their respective Codex Points of Contact at LIST OF CODEX CONTACT POINTS.

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