Friday, June 1, 2018

Congratulations to the winners of the QRM giveaway!

The LPP participants below were the first ten to renew before April 30 (there was a tie for the last spot). Each winner will receive a free Quality Reference Material (QRM) of their choice.

Thank you to everyone who renewed!

1.    Sonia Bouchard, Canadian Food Inspection Agency
2.    Molly Harris, Owensboro Grain Edible Oils
3.    Annlouise Lomnitz, AAK
4.    Joao Peixoto, Ceno Consultants Enterprises LLC
5.    Jenna Langston, Foreign Trade Service Corp.
6.    George Holt, Delight Products Co.
7.    Oilseed Lab, Canadian Grain Commission
8.    Michelle Ngo, Nissin Foods USA Co. Inc.
9.    Mathieu D'Amours, Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc.
10.    Lawrence Brosius, CHS Hallock
11.    Teresa Byrd, VDACS-Suffolk Aflatoxin Lab

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