Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Election Results 2018-2019 AOCS Governing Board

The election results are in! Congratulations and thank you to those elected to the AOCS Governing Board.

Governing Board members volunteer their time, experience and knowledge to influence and improve the Society.

Members of the Executive Committee
Len Sidisky, President
Eric Decker, Vice President
Doug Bibus, Treasurer (2nd term exp. 5/19)
Phil Kerr, Secretary (1st term exp, 5/20)
Neil Widlak, Past President

At-Large Members
Gerard Baillely (2nd term exp. 5/20)
Leon Pablo Espinosa (1st term exp. 5/20)
Greg Hatfield (1st term exp. 5/20)
Doug Hayes (1st term exp. 5/19)
Silvana Martini (1st term exp. 5/20)
Grant Mitchell (2nd term exp. 5/20)
Magdi Mossoba (2nd term exp. 5/20)
Dilip Nakhasi (2nd term exp. 5/20)
Tony O’Lenick (1st term exp. 5/19)
George Smith (2nd term exp. 5/19)

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