Monday, June 6, 2016

June INFORM highlights: Authenticate beef in 10 minutes; Laundry strategies that use less detergent; Emulsions with a cleaner label

The June issue of Inform magazine includes a feature article about a rapid screening approach to authenticate beef in 10 minutes based on the triglyceride composition. Other articles include using ultra-high pressure homogenization to produce reduced-fat emulsions with a “cleaner” label; crystallizers that optimize trans-free margarine production; laundry strategies that use less detergent but clean better, save money, and lower environmental impacts; and a front-end loading approach to capital projects that reduces overall costs, achieves shorter delivery periods, and results in fewer changes. It also includes two handy tables summarizing the fatty acid composition, scientific name, and seed oil content of 25 alternative triglyceride feedstocks (plus the industrial applications of the major fatty acid categories). You can access each free issue of Inform as soon as it becomes available by clicking Bookmark it now! 

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