Friday, July 11, 2014

Biodiesel hits a double with two significant advances in production

The July/August issue of AOCS' member magazine Inform features two articles on advances in biodiesel technology that we have opened up to the public.

First, a new lipase makes it possible to produce biodiesel from oils of widely varying quality regardless of their free fatty acid content. It has already been used in full-scale production at a traditional and a greenfield plant, and the enzymatic biodiesel application is expected to be commercially available later this year.

The second free article looks at how innovative solid catalysts are opening new opportunities in the biodiesel market. Among other advantages, solid catalysts enable the blending of feedstocks to achieve optimal cold-flow properties in the final product at a low raw material cost. The scientists who developed the advances recently shared the details with AOCS’ Inform magazine. We hope you enjoy these two articles, which also include process schematics, testing data, and graphics of catalyst performance.

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