Friday, April 11, 2014

Google Doodle Celebrates Percy Julian's 115th Birthday

Today (April 11, 2014), the Google Doodle honors what would have been the 115th birthday of chemist Percy Julian. Julian is most known for synthesizing hormones from soybean oil and creating a synthetic substitute for cortisone.
Google Doodle April 11, 2014

In June 2008 Inform featured Percy Julian in the article "Giants of the Past: Percy Lavon Julian (1899–1975)" by Jim Kenar.
"Percy Lavon Julian was born April 11,1899, in Montgomery, Alabama, USA,to James Sumner Julian and his wife,Elizabeth Lena Adams. Percy was the oldest of six children and the grandson of a former slave. His father, James,was a federally employed railway mail clerk and, as such, their family was better off than most blacks of the day. Although, Julian had little formal school training, since limited public education was available for blacks at the time, he had a burning desire, encouraged by his family, to pursue higher education."

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