Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 2: 2013 Institute of Food Technology Annual Meeting and Expo

The IFT Annual Meeting and Expo finished up on its second day today. It's been great to see so many AOCS members among the exhibitioners and visitors. Today there were several sessions related to lipids, omega-3 fatty acids, mid-chain triglycerides, and conjugated linoleic acids in pet foods. Pet nutrition has been another popular topic on the expo floor, as has been determining counterfeit veterinary drugs. Many companies also featured food samples made or fried with omega-9 oils, including DuPont, Bunge, and Dow Agrosciences.

Companies have also drawn a line between who use GMO and who does not. While the performance of GMO and non-GMO products is similar, consumer perception has affected many business and processing decisions for IFT attendees.

Below are a few more scenes from the IFT Annual Meeting and Expo.

View from the top of the cafe.

Bunge's food truck featured long lines of people waiting to sample the omega-9 applications.

Roquette promoted their line of microalgae products, ready for commercial production.
The final day of the IFT Annual Meeting and Expo is Tuesday, July 16!

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