Wednesday, June 19, 2013

AOCS- A Unique Organization

Though out the year, I receive messages from members expressing their delight in receiving a birthday email message, appreciation on being recognized in Inform, and thanks for recommending him/her for business development opportunities. Well, those are just a few that happened to drop into my email inbox lately. The list is much greater than that. And I often wonder if we make the same impression on all our members since I don’t hear from all of you.

When I asked members to volunteer to sit in front of a camera and talk about their involvement within AOCS, I really didn’t know what would be said. These messages are unscripted, though I did provide a few topics for consideration.

The videos are from a member’s viewpoint, not mine. After listening to what our members say AOCS is, does and offers, we found common themes emerging. Themes of “networking” (or connections), “information” (or knowledge), and volunteer opportunities (or professional development). All with an undertone of AOCS being an extended family. If you have viewed the other 8 or 10 videos already posted, perhaps you have noted the same. All the videos are posted on the AOCS YouTube channel. Feel free to browse through all our videos: member testimonials, meeting highlights, topic discussions, book reviews and the AOCS promotional videos.

So this time I present Prof. Deland Myers, current past president of AOCS, video to you. He brings forward the notion that AOCS is a “unique” organization.

Keep sending me messages. As a matter of fact, we need members to provide written testimonials. So my question to you is “What’s Your AOCS Story?”  Did you join to solve a problem, to advance your career, to learn how to work in a committee environment? Or perhaps we had the one person you needed to meet. Whatever your reason for joining, please let me know!

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