Friday, December 7, 2012

News and Notes for Friday December 7, 2012

Demystifying Biobased Products Key to Marketing Success
Communicating the benefits of biobased content, the world's newest ecological marketing term, is often tricky. "Biobased" represents all of green marketing's traditional challenges — including greenwash — but has additional, unique challenges all its own. Read more from Sustainable Brands.

Plastic packaging industry is moving towards completely bio-based products
A transition to bio-based economy nevertheless requires products that are not only ecologically sustainable but also competitive in terms of quality. Read more from Phys.Org.

Chinese Have Greater Confidence in Green Products than North Americans
A recent survey by DuPont revealed a growing understanding of green products among urban Chinese consumers. The findings reflect the potential for green products in the world’s largest consumer market.  Read more from Sustainable Plant.

EU Commission backs controversial sustainable palm oil scheme
The European Commission has approved a scheme that would certify as sustainable transport fuel made from palm oil, condemned by environmental groups as one of the most damaging sources of biodiesel. Read more from Reuters.

Nanotechnology consumer database with risk information launched
The Danish Consumer Council and the Danish Ecological Council has in cooperation with DTU Environment developed a database, which help consumers identify more than 1,200 products that may contain nanomaterials. Read more from Nanowerk News.

Biosensors a key area for nanotechnology
Nanobiosensors hold considerable potential as future areas of development for nanotechnology, according to a recent study. Read more from Food Quality News.

New Omega-3 film launched by IFFO
IFFO, the Marine Ingredients Organisation has launched an informative video about Omega-3’s, nature’s own health products entitled ‘Marine Omega-3 – The Healthiest Fats’.
The film is a response to growing scientific and consumer interest in the subject and can be viewed at:

Requests for Proposals

Anti-Obesity Agents for Food- RFP REQUEST
NineSigma, representing a global food manufacturer, invites proposals for food materials that have an anti-obesity effect, in order to create supplements or food additives that enable weight loss. Find out more about this RFP. 

New Methods for Protein Hydrolysis- RFP REQUEST
 NineSigma, representing a major food products manufacturer, is seeking development partners for highly efficient manufacturing methods for protein hydrolysates without the use of liquid acid or alkali catalysts. Find out more about this RFP.

Efficient Methods for Drying Wet Polymer Granules- RFP REQUEST
NineSigma, representing a global polymer producer, invites proposals for novel technologies that can efficiently dry wet polymer granules during a batch production process. Find out more about this RFP.

Measuring Cleanliness, Dryness and Brilliancy of Goods inside a Dishwasher- RFP REQUEST
NineSigma, representing a consumer goods company, invites proposals for technologies that can determine how well a dishwasher is performing by measuring cleanliness, dryness and brilliancy of goods. Find out more about this RFP.

Abstract Alerts

Trends, analytical methods and precision in the determination of perfluoroalkyl acids in human milk
A. Kärrman, G. Lindström.TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry. Available online 1 December 2012. Read the abstract.

Dilatational rheology of a gel point network formed by nonionic soluble surfactants at the oil–water interface
Nicolas Anton ,  Thierry F. Vandamme and Patrick Bouriat. Soft Matter, 2013, Advance Article. Received 19 Sep 2012, Accepted 13 Nov 2012. First published on the web 30 Nov 2012. Read the abstract.

Supporting food security in the 21st century through resource-conserving increases in agricultural production
Norman Uphoff. Agriculture & Food Security 2012, 1:18 doi:10.1186/2048-7010-1-18
Published: 1 December 2012. Read the abstract.

Comparative study of sulfite pretreatments for robust enzymatic saccharification of corn cob residue
Bu L, Xing Y, Yu H, Gao Y, Jiang J. Biotechnology for Biofuels. 2012, 5:87 (4 December 2012). Read the abstract.

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