Friday, July 21, 2017

Olive Oil Labs Recognized

AOCS would like to thank all of the panels that participated during the 2016-2017 Olive Oil Sensory Panel test. Several labs have been awarded for excellence in testing.

AOCS Recognized Panels

Panels that attained a low SPN score in the AOCS proficiency testing program in 2016–2017.
There is a 3 way tie for first place this year. Congratulations to all of the winners.

Agricultural  Products  Distribution  Division, Kagawa, Japan • First Place

Modern Olives, California, USA • First Place

Multichrome Lab, Athens, Greece • First Place

Pompeian, Inc., Maryland, USA • First Place

Sunset Olive Oil, LLC., California, USA • Honorable Mention

Fabrica Torrejana SA, Riachos, Portugal • Honorable Mention

NSW Department of Primary Industries, Wagga Wagga, Australia • Honorable Mention

Applied Sensory, LLC., California, USA • Honorable Mention

Chemiservice SRL, Bari, Italy • Honorable Mention

California Olive Oil Council, California, USA • Honorable Mention

AOCS Accredited Panels

SPN score of 5 or less in the 2016–2017 proficiency program.
Must be an AOCS member in good standing and have a signed agreement that states all of the requirements for testing were met.

Valentina Cardone, Chemiservice, Monopoli, Italy

Maria Garzon, Pompeian, Inc., Baltimore, MD, USA

Jamie Ayton, NSW Dept. of Primary Industries, Wagga Wagga, Australia

Natalia Ruiz, Modern Olives Laboratory Services, USA, Woodland, CA, USA

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Friday, July 14, 2017


A friendly reminder: August 1 is the early bird deadline for the Algae Biomass Summit!

Don’t miss the exciting program coming together for the 11th annual Summit taking place in Salt Lake City, October 29 – November 1. The Summit is the algae industry’s premier event—the world’s largest algae conference—and this is your opportunity to save big.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Get involved:FREE Division Membership

Join any of the ten AOCS Divisions for free! For a limited time only, we are offering free Division membership for the remainder of 2017.

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Health and Nutrition
Industrial Oil Products
Lipid Oxidation/Flavor and Properties
Oilseeds and Fats
Personal Care
Protein and Co-Products
Specialty Oils
Surfactants and Detergents

There’s a movement going on – one that aims to help build sustainable solutions to feed 9 billion people.

This September, we’re asking you to help build sustainable solutions to feed 9 billion people.

For the very first time, our friends at the Life Science Association of Manitoba are hosting the 2017 Agricultural Bioscience International Conference in Winnipeg! ABIC 2017 is the premier global meeting that promotes innovation in bioscience for sustainable food, feed, fiber and fuel security as the climate changes. This three-day conference gives researchers, policy makers and industry leaders from around the globe a chance to learn about solutions for food security and agricultural sustainability firsthand.

This year’s conference includes workshop sessions, keynote sessions and technical presentations led by some of the most admired and outspoken leaders in our sector. The conference also features an interactive tradeshow hall, a student research competition, industry tours, harvest dinners and more! Learn about their exciting program and speaker roster at

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

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Demonstrate your technical knowledge and leadership skills when you contribute to the development of an ever-more vibrant fats and oils scientific community. Whether your expertise is in analytical chemistry, lipid oxidation, surfactants, lipidomics, or something related, there is a place for you in the Society. Members of the American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) play an integral role in shaping our industry—we invite you to join.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Invitation to participate in the Electronic Working Group to amend the Codex Standard for Named Vegetable Oils (CODEX STAN 210-1999) to consider the applicability of the fatty acid composition of all oils in Table 1 in relation to their corresponding crude form.

At the 25th Session of the Codex Committee on Fats and Oils (CCFO) held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 27 February to 3 March 2017, the Committee agreed to establish an Electronic Working Group (eWG) to be chaired by the United States with the assistance of AOCS, working in English, to prepare a project document for new work to amend the Codex Standard for Named Vegetable Oils [CODEX STAN 210-1999] to consider the applicability of the fatty acid composition of all oils in Table 1 in relation to their corresponding crude form.

The amendment would provide clarity to Codex member countries and the food industry in the trade of crude (unrefined) vegetable oils.  The discussion paper, including a project document, will be prepared in time for consideration at the next session of the CCFO (2019).

The United States invites interested Codex members and observers to participate in the eWG and to provide the name, official title, and e-mail address of their representatives to the U.S Delegate to CCFO, Paul South (, U.S. Alternate Delegate to CCFO, Robert Moreau (, and the U.S. Codex Office Representative, Marie Maratos ( by July 28, 2017.

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Discussion Paper on the Revision of Limits of Oleic and Linoleic Acids in Sunflowerseed Oils in the Standard for Named Vegetable Oils (Codex Stan 210-1999) (Agenda Item 10)

The Committee agreed to:
  • Start new work on the revision of limits of oleic and linoleic acids in sunflowerseed oils and the associated definitions in Section 2.1;
  • Establish an eWG, chaired by Argentina, and co-chaired by Brazil and the EU, and working in English only, to prepare the proposed draft revision of the Standard for Named Vegetable Oils (Codex Stan 210-1999) for circulation for comments at Step 3 and consideration at CCFO26, subject to CAC40 approval of the new work.
The United States supports the approach agreed to by the Committee.

Friday, June 16, 2017

AOCS June Newsletter Highlights

AOCS award-winning papers
The AOCS Best Paper Awards recognize outstanding articles published each year in a variety of fields.

Inside INFORM magazine: Restoring brain energy
In Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the brain’s uptake of its primary fuel—glucose—deteriorates, but in mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease, the brain’s uptake of its alternative fuel—ketones—remains normal. Read this article in the latest issue of INFORM that describes how scientists are trying to delay cognitive decline in AD by restoring the brain’s energy supply with medium-chain triglycerides.
View the full June issue online >>

Resources added to the AOCS premium content library
In the past month AOCS Annual Meeting presentations, book chapters, journal articles, and more have been added to the AOCS Premium Content Library on inform|connect. Some of our most popular topics have included processing contaminants, omega-6 fatty acids and inflammation, lipid oxidation, and the basics of fats and oils technology.
The premium content library is free to AOCS members but available to non-members by subscription.

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Latin American Congress: Endless reasons to register
The 17th AOCS Latin American Congress and Exhibition on Fats, Oils, and Lipids is headed to Cancun, Mexico, September 11–14, 2017! There are many reasons to secure your spot today:

  • 12 hours of dedicated networking time 
  • 25 suppliers of equipment and services at the exhibition 
  • 90 speakers covering crucial topics 
  • 70+ poster presentations 2 Short Courses on processing and refining

Register by July 1 and save up to US $ 200!

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AOCS Latin American Congress
17th AOCS Latin American Congress and Exhibition on Fats, Oils, and Lipids
September 11–14, 2017
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May 6–9, 2018

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15th Euro Fed Lipid CongressWorld Soybean Research Conference5th International Conference on Soaps, Detergents & Cosmetics
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